Friday, August 10, 2012


Last Saturday headed to two with Yuuchi to do a little shopping for August before our prelims which is like two weeks away and N level which is exactly 1 month away from that day, 4th August.

Outfit for that day, Paul Frank top, bought from HK and Button down HW shorts from bugis street.
Simple light make up for that day too, foundation, blusher, mascara and lipstick.
As usual I prepared slightly too early so I ended up doing what I do best, took few shots before heading out to meet Yuuchi.

 We had Takoyaki for lunch then headed to somerset by train because it's raining heavily outside.

 Then we ran to orchard central and went to look for CMYK as I wanted to buy the Spiked Hairband but it's far far far too expensive for me to afford it, 17 bucks, no joke. Anyway, the clothes there are really pretty, it's the usual blog shop prices.

After that we headed back to cineleisure to shop then we headed to the flea at Scape after that went to KFC to grap some snacks before heading back home.

All the things me and Yuuchi bought today! hehehe

 Items bought at BEADSTREET.
iPhone cover for only 5 bucks but it's pretty dirty already, sad much. Bought ear studs too.

Bought two hair bands for 1.90$ each.

Then this items are bought from the flea, check out their online store at Statementmuse.
Cubic ring, skull rubberband and spiked hairband!

HW shorts and collar top.

Yuuchi finally gotten her Dream Catcher!!! 

Bought this brand new bag for only 12$, can take it in three different ways so I divided the amount to three so it's like buying three bags for 4 bucks each! 

Few shots with this pretty girl, :D


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