Thursday, September 06, 2012

Teacher's Day'12 celebration

This year's teacher's day celebration is really awesome because of two things.
Firstly, the Aces Day dance was damn freaking awesome and for the first time it was held at the hall too! Although can't really see them teaching the steps from the stage, still had lots of fun dancing! Dance to Move Like Jagger & Party Rock Anthem. And we repeated Party Rock like so many times, kept doing 'running man' hehehe! :D

As usual the class party....................
Mess photo taking with the girls, don't know what we're doing too.

After that was the Teacher's Day performance. I have to say that last year's dance performance by the graduating class was still the best. Not kpop but Jpop. No offence but Kpop is getting way too mainstream, always dance to kpop.......... Yes, the piano performace was really awesome! :D It was definitely jaw dropping. Ok the second awesome thing that happen was that or principal actually dance Oppa Ganum Style, cool or what.

After teacher's day celebration, headed to lakeside primary with two of my bestie for lunch, wah primary school food is the best! Never ever be able to get sick of it. Didn't went back to Qifa this year since most of my teacher not there already. No point!

After that went for study date with bff and had dinner together.
Chit chat and laughter, a nice Friday spent!

Enjoy the photos! :)

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