Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ahhhhhh, fresh air

FRIDAY 05-10-2012
Last day of N level for us yeahhhhhh! :D 
Accounts was the last paper for us, and it ended before 12! But we had to stay back for a little briefing for the O level thingy. And wasted like an hour in school. Ok, maybe just 30 minutes cause the other 30 minutes  my friends and I were joking and laughing like mad at the canteen. 

After that quickly head home to tidy up the house a little cause I'm having a sleepover with my girlfriends. So after I tidy the place, showered, dry my hair and head to bed for a short nap but..........didn't sleep at all lo. So got up and watch television for a little before heading to jurong point to meet Yuuchi. Reach slightly early so walk walk around jurong point a little then soon Yuuchi. Went to Extra to do a little shopping then head to my place already!

Cooked dinner for the girls and it was damn cui. 
Anyway here's out dinner! ^_^

Spent the night watching battleship then played games and of course we played like mad. After that settle down and watch X-factor. Then after that slack around at my room and played a fail prank on Yuuchi! Cause we can't keep our mouth shut or stop giggling!

Decided to watch the other movie, Hunger Games, and have supper! Samantha turn to cook for us! 
Five packets!!!!! And we did not finish it! LOL. So we ended the movie about 2 AM. Then we all wash up and get ready for bed. Ended up chit chatting and still trying to endure cause we don't wanna be the first to sleep! In the end slept at 330 AM. Then morning same idiot called at 7AM, damn pissed la. Can sleep damn long one then disrupt my sleep! :@

The others went off and only left me and Yuuchi, cause we're heading to town to.....SHOPPING! 
So we went to flea market of cause, been so damn long man! ^_^ 
Spent about 25$ like that, not a lot right.... 



While we're walking back to somerset mrt we came across this.... People were crowding around this.....

Another one before we go off! ^_^ 
THE TRAIN RIDE WAS TOTALLY AWFULL! We were like totally half dead and super super tired like mad! Seriously can't wat to reach to out stop lo! Then Yuuchi lose her balance, super epic leh! 




Collar tip top for 10$
 HASSLE cropped top $5

MACBETH cap $8

That's all! 

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