Monday, November 05, 2012

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So I was thinking what should I be blogging about. Actually I'm lacking behind a number of blog post due to studies and now that it's finally over, I don't find myself blogging anymore. I wonder if it's pure laziness or I don't know what to blog about. Moreover, I have a job now, so by the time I come home I've become rather reluctant to blog. So, if there's any suggestion or anything you guys want me to blog about, please leave your request on my formspring. 

If you guys have a sweet tooth like me, here's are one of my favourite chocolate and sweet.

So the other day, mummy sister and I went to IMM for lunch and did alittle of shopping and here are some of the stuff that I got for myself.

So we had lunch at some HK cafe, 3rd floor, just outside daiso only! ^_^ 

Got the pastel from Daiso, 18 colors for just 2$. (:

Isn't the file adorable! 

That day I was so bored at home, I decidede to go Jurong Point to shop for alittle.
Got myself two sneakers at Rubi for just 5$ each, cheap or what! :D
Some beauty products too. 

Hmm, I guess that's quite about it already! 

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