Monday, June 10, 2013


I was suppose to blog about this last night but I was really in that sort of mood to do a some what wordy enough blog post and I'll probably end up typing some shitty stuff. So, I was think of what should I blog instead other then the recent events that happened in my life. Then, I decided to blog about my transformation from Secondary 1 till now, um so it should be 2009-present. How I came to do this blog post... Well, I was looking through and clearing some of my hilarious old camwhore photos. I can't even stand some of it.......And I'm not even joking about this man ha ha ha ha ha

Oh well, presenting myself from 2009-present, don't judge ok, took me a lot to step out of my comfort zone to upload these photos ok. I swear, my camwhore before was horrible. I was horrified when I was looking through my own photos, I can't even.... 

Ok embrace yourself with photos of me, only me and just me

That's quite about it. Well, during my secondary 2-3 phases, that was when I become really really vain and I remember the first time I put on make up I was insanely obsess with the gothic look, thick eyeliner and I even tried fake eyelash which clearly did not suit me at all. Then I change my make up look, foundation, mascara, lipstick, blusher and.....nothing already I guess hehehe. Really glad that my hair has grown much much longer already and that my face isn't that chubby anymore too hahaha 

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and had a good laugh at how I use to look. 

Here's a thought, feel free to leave comments on my ask fm whether to ask me stuff, or seek for advance or if you need a listening ear yeah I'll be here for my dear readers alrighty!Ah you wanna just say hi also can hahahah. For more frequent updates of my daily life follow me on instgram and twitter @Lasthesitation 


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