Thursday, January 02, 2014

NYE 2013 // NY 2014

I wouldn't say that I've ended off 2013 well nor have I started of 2014 well. Before I start off with my New Year's Eve night, I'll like to say a few things about 2013.

I must say that 2013 was really the most happening year for me, at least, so far. It was the year where I learnt that people come into our life, make a impact and not all stay through the thick and thin. What's left are the memories we had with them. A friendship so strong at the start, turns out to be so fragile. It made we realize that if someone wants to stay in your life, they will go that extra mile to and to cherish every single love ones because you'll never know when they'll be gone. 

No words can express my gratitude of those who has always been there for me, my very protective parents who has taught me not to be so hard on myself, my sister who's always there for me to irritate and she's always taking care of me, making sure I'm myself ( jia li de kai xin guo), my bffs (Ber&Nad) even thought we rarely meet each other even since we entered poly life, we'll always have each others back no matter what, my bff (Yuuchi) five years of friendship and still counting, missing her ever since I left secondary school, school life will never be the same without her, my girlfriend (Drina) don't know what I'll do without her, we've went through so much together, thankful&grateful. Lastly, my boyfriend (Frenky lee), he may not be the bestest, richest, nicest or sweetest boyfriend but that doesn't matter because I'm not perfect too. How often I'll throw tantrums at him. At times where he's mad in mind, deep down he still cares. Been there, felt that. I wouldn't ask for more but for him to love me more than he already has.  

Highlight events in 2013
- HK trip W sister
- Infinite Concert
- 17th Birthday Celebration
Alright that's all I have to say.
Let's cut to the chase.

Meet up with boyfriend and his friends then headed down to Tiong Bahru for steamboat buffet at Rajah Inn. 

After we headed down to Bayfront for the countdown party, we were later then expected and the crowd was insane, thankfully the queue in was rather fast. Sadly, it kinda ruined the atmosphere a little but it got better afterwards.

Night view at the Float, didn't set my camera settings right which explains the photo. Oh well better than nothing. 

The only photo I took with boyfriend that was nice enough, how freaking pathetic.
Photo taken after we have settled down and cool off. 

Finally met up with the besties after such a long time. Countdown night was made better thanks to them. They got me so high hehehe 

The Wanted performances after about two hours of waiting. I didn't really went all out at all, was feeling rather restricted because the crowd we're with were so freaking quite gosh. So I had no choice but to act as though I'm busy taking photos. 

Totally not the countdown party I was looking forward to or expecting at all. 
And that's not even the worst part, the last thing that I wanted to happen, happened.

Didn't really get to enjoy my last hour of 2013 nor my first hour of 2014.
Me being me, got so affected and it was written all over my face. What I've expected to happen after the 10 seconds countdown, when the fireworks went off, didn't happen. Anyway, I enjoyed the lovely fireworks, it was so close and pretty, and together along with the bestfriends we screamed and cheered. That's how I've welcome 2014. 

Stayed for bit after the fireworks to catch Wang Leehom's performances, well...of all the song he sang, I only knew Kiss Goodbye. Got really emotional by the slow songs he sang, almost cried but I knew I had to hold them back.

 Went off at 0045, the crowd walking to the mrt station was insane, there were so many many many many 'abnn'. Thankfully he stopped giving me the cold shoulders and did what he was suppose to do. That's how we made up, was so relieved. 

Had the friend to accompany me the train ride back to Jurong and had beloved mummy waiting for me in her car. Got home at 0200, washed up and apply my skin care products. Phone call with boyfriend.

"Bay, go take your weight"
"huh...don't want luh"
"I scared I'll get a heart attack"
*Had buffet dinner, that's why*
" HAHAHA, won't luh silly, 7pm till now eh"

*rest of conversation not revealed sorry* 

That's how my New year's eve and New year went by.
Here's a thought, I realize that I didn't had any new year resolution last year and this year, well, I've yet to have any yet but I would like to make a few changes though. Hopefully I'll work hard on them. 

That's quite about it, toodles! 

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