Tuesday, April 08, 2014


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Officially graduate from polytechnic foundation program
Am so proud of myself, didn't thought that I'll be able to complete the program as it was told that if you were to fail a module, you'll be kick out of the program. Also, not everybody supported my decision of going for the foundation program as most felt that getting a O level certification is important as mention if I were to be kicked out, I'll only have a N level certification. Although I hesitated, I made up my mind and go for it. Went through the different courses that I was offered to and had to make my decision quickly. 

When the release of course was out, I was slightly disappointed as I got my fourth choice, Food Science&Technology, at that point I really had second thoughts as it wasn't the course I really wanted and thought about going back to secondary five. Thankfully, I talked this out with my mother, and she really helped clear my thoughts, telling me that it's not a bad course, I'll be interested in it since it's about FOOD, and told me to give it a shot. So I accepted my course.

I was glad that I made the decision to go for the foundation program putting aside that there are different courses in a single class therefore there are some modules that are not related to diploma. Also, coming to poly means there'll be lots of project&presentation in the future. Really glad that we have a "headstart" before going into our first year. We wouldn't be so lost and we know the school ground pretty well too already. Freshman....NOT. Besides that, I meet new people from different parts of Singapore, well I'm a Jurong kid so my friends live around my area too, HA HA HA. Was really grateful to know Drina and Joson, I really don't know what I'll do without them during my foundation year, having them around really made school life a whole lot better. Mixed feeling that we'll be going separate ways and pursue our diplomas. I'll never forget the times we had in classes, most favourite moment will definitely be the period of time where we'll always go to T736 for horror movie after classes and the first few months of the program.

Will definitely not forget class 04, all the best to all of you and lastly 

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