Friday, April 30, 2010


Hello people,
Finally friday already, today had prize presentation in the morning.
Then had 2.4 run, which was so tiring. Don't know what happen to both of my leg.
Came back in the 4oth position in 2na, like so lousy alright. Damnit. Timing: 15.18
Timing increase by 10 seconds -.- 15.08.

Then recess time.
Slacking during chinese lesson as chinese paper over already(:
D&T lesson was so ZZZ, had to rush on my project as i miss two lessons of d&t .
Went for dragon boat competition(:
Many thanks to my classmate and my teacher who had help me.

After school went to jurong point to buy lunch then bus-ed home already.
Watch The Vampire Diaries, ep14.
Then went to take a nap too(:
Dinner then revisoin on chem.

Then lappy already.

Tomorrow will be going out to celebrate mother's day (:
Family gethering^^v LoL

Shall end here, byebye.
xoxo J.CHIA

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