Sunday, June 20, 2010


"Why would i want a guy who doesn't want me" ohman, i love this saying! Rock hell ttm.
I finally know that the fault is not on me anymore, it has always been you. You this jerk.
GAY please, can't believe you drag this whole thing for so long. And using me as a reason, annoyed?! Why can't you just tell me so i don't have to " ANNOYED" you. And i can don't waste my damn time. My tears and sorrow. BUT now i feel damn happy and light. I DON'T NEED SOMEBODY LIKE YOU IN MY LIFE, SO JUST GO AWAY. Althought it may seems that i hate you but i still love you. Somehow. I know it's stupid but idk how to explain. Anyway, i'm gonna live my life without you. But i'll never be able to stop loving you.

Last long long with your girlfriend (:

Byebye (:

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