Monday, June 21, 2010

Got picture from Jasmine's blog (:
Today woke up at 6.25am, wash up and change. Then breakfast, fav bread today with milo.
Then soon went down to wait bus, miss the bus. So spend 10min waiting, arghhh~
Thought i will late but did not. When walking to canteen, i heard alot noise in toilet, expect them to be my dear juniors. And i'm right. So when in to fine them, then after that walk to canteen together. After we put our bags in cca room, went to gym.

First took height and weight. I gain weight and grow taller. Okayy, then after that did concept 2. Shortest to tallest, " how great?! -.-" Okayy, so i was the first to go, no choice. ): 2 minutes of time given to pull the thing. My distance was 427m ^^v Quite happy cause never expected this kind of result(: After i finish, my leg like all soft away. Hah, whatever crap i talking, i can understand can already. Like so damn shag. Then after that wait for the others to finish. Then after that coach call us do the seated row? Don't know what la. I first one to do again. This one is use our weight (x) 3/4 to get the range? Mine is 34. Is like damn heavy la, i do till want die already please -.- Then i almost cry, but didn't. After i finish, my hand like fcuking pain please ): Haiz, after that when all finish. I decided to re-do (: And i did 101, while my first one is only 70 -.- Arghh~

Then after that got 1hour break, went to 399 with the girls. Crap alot there. I bought my fav sugar bread and we all got free cake eat. Hah, then we rush back to school. Went to put our things then went to gym but after that went back to canteen. Got punishment for both the guys and girls. Girls do because of guys and guys do because of girls. -.- Girls do first, need do a total of (40) 3punches. So tiring, the worst is because of some people, we restart. At there extra only. Then after that the guys do. Then when finish we need get into left and right. Then soon coach announces the team. And the good news, i got into the main team, total shock. Hah, and my partner is Joey.k . After that did air paddling. So tired one. Soon training end. Then before we leave, we did cheer. Think very long. -.- Then when we about to leave, somebody go say my coming, so sing song. So shy :$ ANYWAY, THANKS TO ALL DB TEAM MATES(: LOVE YOU GUYS (:

After that went to Jurong point, went to change clothes first. Then after that went to walk around, Jasmine bought a bag. Then after walk walk. Went to MAC , to eat. After i came back with my meals, they all surprise me with the cake. Then sing song again. Lalala (:
So touch that i cry alittle, :$ THANKS TO ALL THE GIRLS. BIG THANKS FOR BIYANNN. Woohoo~ Hah. Then eat lunch, talk then eat cake! Invited Kaiyi and Huiting to join us. But like not a very good ideal cause quite awkward. Soon we all went home (:

I would like to thank
Natalie and Sarah,j.
I am bless to spend my birthday with all of you (:

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