Thursday, June 10, 2010


Had training again. It was okay, excluding the red ant part.
Okayy, reach jurong lake at 7.30 then soon we started warm up.
Then coach come, went in to water venture . Then went to take donw the boat.
Not much red ant already, which is a good thing la.

Girls will be having their rowing section first.
It was damnit tired one okay, can you imagime rowing with two tyres.
DAMN HEAVY PLEASE, and we have to row for like 20 min? Or more, non stop.
Okayy, everybody gave each other motivation and moral support manzxc.
Damn cool one nor, me and Biyan kept shouting also (: Like want die already.

Then after that, coach say take out the tyre.
Then when we row, THE WATER IS DAMN LIGHT!
Then we row fast fast (:
After that we had 30 min break, Mdm chai went to but MAC, and we order hashbrown.
Then when she came back, only got one. But we all say, WE SHARE ♥
Everybody eat one mouth and past around. When we finish we then tell the sec i ^^v
HAHA, LOL. Then they all tempting for food.

After that we row for awhile more then jiu go for run.
All the right will be running together while all left will run together in the left direction.
After we finish first row, we all like dying liao. Then suddenly rain, everybody was like" yay" ?
Hah, me and Nat chiong back while others run slowly.

Cheat chat with junior for while.
Then soon the left side one came back, all look so shag.
But good work la.
Then went the rain smaller already we went to keep the boat. Soon training ended.

Went to jurong point with team mate, long john sliver.
Then after finish eating we cheat chat for awhile.
Then Nat go first, shall not talk about it, make me sad only ):
Then i was like the only sec 2 with the junior, damn shy nor.
But i think i lookl like sec one nor (: Young look ^^v
HAHA, okay. After that Kaiyi came, o.o

Walk walk for awhile then jiu go home liao.
Tired day manzxc, ZZZ


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