Thursday, June 10, 2010

Uptown girls

-Morning went for running with sister. Run a distance of 1.8 km.
Then after that went home to bath and eat breakfast then go out already.
Went to 313 Somerset, went to eat first then went shopping.
Diva, Forever 21, New look and etc. Bought accessories at diva.

Then after that we walk to takakishimaya, ps idk spelling ):
Bought thisgs to eat again^^v Damn nice la. Then after that sister went to but wallet.
Damn nice la.

After that we went to ion to shop. Went to new look again.
Got one high heel damn nice one nor, i want to buy leh ):
But kinda expensive alright.
After that we went to eat ramen, fcuking nice one nor.
Although it cost 14.10 but it's worth it one okay ^^v
Then aftert that sister went to but her friend's present.
I also bought a new slipper, damn nice okay.
It cost me $21.10, but i very happy la. Hah.
Bought starbucks lollipop then MRT home already.

Had a great day out with sister (:

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