Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello, school had started already manzxc. Time table changed, no more project work and drama.
There will be art and music ^^v Yay-ness manzxc. No more geog too but there will be history. Hmm, wednesday is the worst of all, 2.20 then end school leh ): So late right -.- Then tuesday have math remedial, i can don't go but i'm going. Lessons are pretty bored manzxc. Doing debating for english. Learning new chapter for math. Yeah, blah blah blah.

Today had went up stage to take medal, very nervous. Didn't have mass run today, ): Hah, after that english lesson, debate thingy. So bored ._. After that had 3 draggy period of mother tongue. Slack, didn't hear what teacher talk, opps. Then had recess at 10.20, like finally please -.- Usually our recess is 9.20 one but now like 1 hour later. Recess with the upper sec. After recess had art, was boring at first but then after that when we did the drawing. Damn crap ah. Hah. Last two period, math! ^^v Learn new chapter, like so hard nor. Haiz, cmi ah.

Ate lunch in school with Sam, YC, YT, Shirley. When home alone, saw junior at mrt. Talk for awhile then i went off already. Tired and sleep manzxc. Train to JE, took 143. When i reaching soon, wanted to take my keys from my bag but DON'T HAVE?! -.- Mama, didn't take my key, she took sister one's then left my at home. Trouble me to ahma's house. THANKS AHMA!
Came home, shower then sleep. TIRED AH ):

Shall end here then

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