Wednesday, July 07, 2010

"As long you're happy" Never.

Sorry, i didn't get a chance to update my blog yesterday. But i'll update today, (:
Okayy, today had class photo taking, took the formal shoot with Yianping. Laugh^^v
Then informal shoot with 'DSNS' and i stand with Yuuchi. Woohoo :D
After school went home with Yp and Yr, thanks manzxc. Keke :)

Then reach home, shower, eat then text for awhile. Sleep~
Suppose to wake up at 4.30 but i woke up one hour later .
OHMAN, anyway woke up already felt so sleepy and kinda hungry.
So went to eat abit and then use computer. So i'll study after my dinner.
Then watch football later (:

Hmph, tomorrow having pe lesson, volley ball? ^^v
Then after school going to buy uniform with Yainping and Shirley too.
I think, can't wait.

Shall end, byebye

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