Saturday, July 10, 2010

The reason

Friday, 8 july
I feel so happy today. Had alot fun during our PE lesson, volley ball again. YAY-NESS :D Then had late recess, like so damn hungry please. Then after that had the malay class but me and Sam they all went to change. wasted 10 min ^^v Not bad. Haha. Then had math lesson, didn't do much.
School ended went to chinese garden to buy uniform with Yp and Shirley. Crap alot manzxc, haha. Then after that went to jurong point for lunch. KFC, fat -.- Then went to x-craft^^v I damn shy please, the guy so handsome. Ohmygosh! Then after that Yp and Shirley had their piercing. Laugh, then i just look around nor. Then like so fast, went other place walk walk. Then before we went home we went to x-craft again. HAHA :) Think i crazy already.
Byebye, xoxo

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