Friday, July 30, 2010

Black and white

Wednesday, 28.7.2010
Didn't went to school today as i having my piano exam.Woke up at 8 in the morning. Bath, breakfast then practise piano. Then around 11.15 went out, took bus to jurong east. Walk to the exam place. Damn nervous one please. My sister went first at 11.59. And i went at 12.29.

Then after i finish, i feel so relieved but i know that i did badly. How am i suppose to pass now, when my teacher actually ensure me that i will. ): What is this man. Then when i went out to find mummy and sister, i found sis crying. So i held my tears back but i seriously wanted to cry at that moment. But i'm afraid i'll upset people around me, like my mummy. So i put on my strong front. I still remember how i felt that time. There sure is tears in my eye, but i did not let them roll down my face. So many emotions within me and i don't know who to talk to. I couldn't even bring myself to smile, as everything is over. No more stress over my damn exam. I can now concentrate on my studies. But after awhile i got over it. I came over a thought " No matter how sad and how much i want to cry, it wouldn't change anything. I'll just wait for my result. Wish myself luck. "

After my exam, we went to Raffles city to eat. Chinese food. Didn't really enjoy it, maybe because not in the mood bah. Then after that went to walk walk, went to paper market (shop), damn cool one lah. Saw a pencil in rectangle shape sia, actually want to buy one but didn't. I scare i will loss it .

Dinner then study for home econ and phy test. Stop at 11 something, phone call him only talk for few seconds? -.- At least i heard his voice, right? HMPH, then after i end the call, i start to miss him already. Haiz, then took a long time to fall asleep too.

Day ended like that.
Byebye (:

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