Friday, July 30, 2010

Missing like mad

Thursday, 29.7.2010
Hello people, i'm back t o school. Hehe, seems like something happen on wednesday. Hoho, so grateful that i'm not in school on wednesday. Heard that something bad happen during english lesson man. Shall not talk about it ya. Lazy type them out. was as usual, boring. Had home econ test after school, hmm manage to answer all question. But some i anyhow do one, cause forgot already, opps.
Then went to canteen for lunch as there's still time, went to sit with my lovely junior ^^. Didn't finish my meals, no appetite at all. Then after that went to find Alkmal. Waited for Mr luang quite long. Hmph, then i rush through the paper before all the things i memorize, gone. Haha.

After the test, i went to change to pe attire. Rush to ISH there. Then reach there jiu do push up -.- Then warm up and all those things. Soon training start. Damn tiring one lah. Kept saying hi to My little brother. Kek, thanks to those who helped me during training. And Jasmine.s for all the concern, my best and fav senior. ^^ Before trianing end got punishment again-.- Ftw, the teacher always bully us only. Hmph, standarded set so high for what. Then after that girls got punishment also, cause of some people. Then when we do the punishment so funny one nor. Haha, divied to sit up, 3-punches and push up ( total 100) .

Trained to jurong east with Farha and Sara, (: Bus-ed home alone, zzz. Then reach home bath, eat dinner then homework ): ZZZ, sleep at 10.30. Early leh, ^^

Shall end here already

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