Monday, July 05, 2010


Hello, actually wanted to go library and study today but nobody accompany me. Pathetic man, So gonna spend my time at home again. ROT ROT ROT ! Sian mama, nothing to do at all please. Lazy to do any school work, don't even know if there is any anot -.- (FuckTheSchool )

Anyway, anybody want to go watch Eclipse with me? I really want to watch please, couldn't find the movie online. All weird weird lanugage one. Anyway, i want to go watch Eclipse, planning to go on this Friday ^^v But shall see how then. Who want go contact me okay ^^v

OhMyTian, what am i suppose to do the whole day? Later got piano lesson. Fcuk bored man. ):
I guess, today will be like one of the day when i'm alone and start thinking of the memories. All the past and blah blah blah ):

Hope that i will not end up crying, please -.-

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