Sunday, July 18, 2010


Trap in your heart

Sorry for not updating my blog for so long.

Thursday, had land training. It was madness man, had total of 8 stations that includes - Weights, Resistance sit up, burpes and 3 punches and etc. Then after we finish each station, we have to round two rounds of the field before we can procecced to the next station. After i finish two station, i dying already man. Hell training, but i managed to finish all staion but only run a total of 14 rounds in stead of 16. Then after that, went to keep the wights, did punishment, 100 push up. But we did 50 of push up and 50 of 3 punches. CAN DIE PLEASE -.- Then after we finish i almost cry la, wth. Damn him ): The debrief and byebye already.

Friday, school ended at 10.50, went to jurong point with Sirong, movies with her. ECLIPSE, of course ^^ Went to but the ticket first, Sirong treat me leh. Keke, then went to walk around. After that we went back to gv to wait for the time to pass. I treat Sirong popcorn (: Then went in, sirong spill water on her skirt, damn crap. Then i lend her mine. Before movie start, we kept eating the popcorn man. Hmm...the movie was great. CAN'T WAIT FOR BREAKING DAWN!

Everytime i closes my eye, my mind couldn't rest, it kept spinning. And many thought run through about you, our past and our happiness we used to share. Then tears will start to form in my eye, but i hold them back. Because i don't want to face you with a crying face, i will face everything with a strong front. But i wonder, when will all this come to an end. I guess it'll never, because if there's an end, it's not love anymore. Day by day pass, each day things gets better abit and worst again. "As long as
you're happy" You said. "How am i suppose to be, when you no longer feel the same for me " I thought. I may not be her but i can love you more than her.

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