Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cause i rather get hurt then feel nothing at all

Sunday went bugis with Shirley and Yianping, i ended up buying one rubber band only, pathetic man. Actually wanted to but slipper and cardigan but didn't buy. Anybody one buy them and give me ? ^^v I would be glad :) Haha. Monday had drongon boat meeting, Congrats to Nat, Huiting, both darren of becoming the sec 1 and 2 i/c ^^v K3K3. Then tuesday had dragon boat training, i on that day damn no mood one man. Then today went to SDC, had alot of fun leh ^^v
Haha, can't wait for friday too. Watching Eclipse with Sirong leh (:
Shall end here.
Byebye, xox

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