Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hug me tightly and never let go.

Sunday, 22.8.2010

Hello poeple, i'm full of things i wanna do. Exercise, leg and abs. Growing taller. Plan on savings. Things i wanna buy. Places i wanna go. The time i need. Spending more time with my deardear.

Exercise on legs.
-Gently bounce up and down on your toes
-Do more walking.
-Go for a swim or run
-Do Stretching

On Abs
-Sit up
-Do leg lifts

Growing taller
-Have at least 8-10 hours of sleep a day
* Most of your growing takes place while sleeping, because that's when most HGH is released. Not getting enough hours of sleep will stunt your growth.
-Jump rope.

Planning on savings
Hmm..if i were to save 1 bucks everyday. It means 7 bucks per week and around 30 bucks a month. Pretty little. I should aim to save 30 - 50 bucks per month. And in a year i'll save about 480 bucks, half will be use for spending and other half will be savings. So 240 bucks a year. That is alot to me okay :)

Things i wanna buy
- Jacket
- Hoodie(s)
- Skinny (ies)
- Cardigan (white/grey)
- Handphone casing ( soft covering, something like the Iphone kind)
- New wallet
- Bigger pencil case
- White sneakers
- Accessories
- Peachy pink and glossy nude lip gloss.

Places i wanna go
- New York City
- Los Angeles
- Australia (Gold coast)
- Korea ( Seoul)
- Japan (Tokyo)
- Anywhere, as long as i'm with you, my dear.

The time i need
- Don't wanna waste time.

Spending more time with my deardear
-Wants him to spend abit more time with me.

I'm bored, shall end.
Thanks for reading all the crap. Byebye.


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