Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life is never easy but we still goes on

Tuesday, 24.8.2010

Hello people, school was fine today. Had chinese common test today man, argh. So damn difficult alright, hopefully i'll pass man. And last friday's history test, didn;t manage to do the last question at all. Hope i'll pass still. HAH :D Um...didn't have art today as teacher didn't come to school. So free period, damn bored one please. The teahcer so zzz, .____.

After school went for lunch, then walk to jurong lake with Natalie they all. Trainind started off with a few words from our coach ^^ Then after that wash boat and water training. Hmm...was petty fun man (Y) I tried the left side man, so difficult. Totally no strenght please but quite fun cause reminded me how i used to row when i first join dragon boat. HAH.

Then after that, rest for awhile, gossip abit. Then bleah bleah bleah. Wash paddle and vest and take bags out. Keep boat and end of training already :) Went to granny's place for dinner. Steamboat (Y) Favourite man, kek :D Then went home shower, homework and chit chat on phone. SLEEP, ZZZZZZ.

Shall end, byebye (:

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