Friday, August 13, 2010

It only took two days.

Friday, 13.8.2010

I miss my long long fringe.
Please, fringe grow faster.
Currently feeling sick and will faint any moment. Today was pretty fine. History lesson when by faster then usual (Y) PE lesson! VOLLEYBALL, i love it okayy. I like to "serve". Had alot of fun, kept laughing and do a dance with M&M so cool okay :) Then recess eat with classmate, boys and girls. So (Y) CCM was boring like crap, did what rearrange the sentence thingy -.- So stupid alright, i only know how to do 2 out of 10, pathetic. Okayy math lesson was good, fun and relaxing alright. I damn pro, Sam they all look at my answer man, hmph. Cause i finish doing already, such a good girl. Soon school end already, went to look for Nadia.
Waited for Sirong for like 123456789 century. HAH, then train to Clacke Quay. Talk abit and keep laughing. LOL, soon we reach there. I was like amaze cause i never go centre before ): So sad man. Walked to Sticky shop. Nothing much actually from what i expected. Waited for them...After that lunch at Long John Silver. (Y) Crao and talk talk. Keep laughing, me and sirong go crazy. HAH, train back to jurong point. Popular, x-craft and busstop :)
Home then shower then music bank then computer ^^v
Dinner was great.
I watched MIOBI & Bleach. (:
Feeling sick, unwell.
Spamming water -.-
Shall end, byebye :)
I love you all.

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