Friday, August 20, 2010

"You're mine "

Friday, 20.8.2010

Currently feeling pretty relax, it's finally friday. Woke up at 5.44am today, took up phone a dial his number, waited for like ages and "hello, :o " He sound so sweet and gentle when he just wake up. :$ Then talk talk for awhile then hang up. I only got out of my bed 10minutes later, then bleah bleah. Eggtart for breakfast, (Y) Then prepare for school, text text. Reach school, revise on history.

It was raining in the morning, so went to hall. Then bleah bleah, when back class, history class test started. Was struggling at Section A already, .___. Then the SEQ was okay, didn't manage to do the last question, 10marks gone. I'm gonna fail my test please. Okay, nevermind that. Played captain's ball for PE lesson, was pretty boring cause not whole class can play together then must wait for our turn. Recess was normal, eat with classmates (Y) Bought food to class to eat too, keke. CCM was damn boring then we also crapped alot. Math lesson, was fine. That idiot of mine texted me. Lunch with Sam, Yunting and Dawn. Yay-ness, Dawn say hello to me (Y)

After lunch, i want to IMM , just to buy hair pin. After that bus-ed home and took nap nap (Y) Shall end here. Byebye (:

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