Friday, August 27, 2010

Madness for athletes and smooth going with you.

Friday, 27.8.2010

Ohyeah, today was great man. Went to Jurong point with Sirong after school, as she wants to repair her phoneeee. Reached there, went to basement to walk walk, THEN we saw TWO ATHLETES ^^ v So we went in to the shop they went. Omg, they're so damn handsome please. Faintz. Then after that i went crazy lah. Then Sirong not so, she kept saying "let's go" ): Then after that went to eat, Sirong treat me man ^^ Thank you, love ya :)
Then after that we went on for our search for the athletes, so went find and find. Wanted to take picture but dare not to ask :$ Then after that saw Sirong's friend. They asked two Russin's athletes whether if we can take phone anot. So we help each other ^^v Keke. Then after that we went down, saw one damn handsome one but i didn't take photo with him. Soon her friends go off.. Then we continue admiring the handsome guys ^^ After that, Sirong go repair her phone. LOL, think she miss her phone like mad now. LOL, then after that we very bored cause very little athletes there already ):
Then quite bored cause i waiting for time to past. ZZZ, soon Sirong went home. Then i went to fine him. Walk walk awhile with his friend, but soon he went off. So left the two of us. Had a good time. Shall not talk much, secret ^^ Want know can ask me personally.
Shall end here ^^
Byebye, love ya.

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