Wednesday, August 04, 2010

You make me smile:)

Wednesday, 4.8.2010
Hey, i feeling sleepy and sick as i just woke up from my nap nap. School seems so end pretty quickly today, english lesson was like .___. Home econ lesson went by fast, doing correction and go through class test. I pass leh, 18/25. ^^ Then after home econ, went to class to put my stuff and take my vest then went down with Biyan. Need to return it to CCA room, waited for like 40min, lol. So missed half of ccm lesson. Hoho ;D

Then after that had lunch with Widy and Yi Tao, thanks guys for accompanying me to eat. Not only that, they *escort* me to lakeside mrt, hah :) Then train to jurong east and bus-ed home alone. Ohman, i miss Ahtan man. Reach home took shower then went to take a nap. Need to rest more, not enough sleep already man. Hmph, saying of not enough sleep. Last night i suppose to sleep at around 9.45pm but i ended up sleeping at 10.30 man. Cause of that Ahtan nor, text > wait for call > chat on phone > text > end. He make me laugh alot man, when i'm not in the mood at all cause sick ma then very weak nor ): He's the best okay ^^

Ohman, he woundn't be contacting me until friday night. Hmph, he's so busy hor. I shall keep myself occupy too, so i wouldn't miss him so much. But i still will. Hmm...Friday go school till 10 something only, good man. May be going Vivo with classmate. Haha, hope i'll get well by then nor. If not, bad bad ): Shall end here, i wanna watch bleach. Byebye, i love you all but i love ahtan more :$


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