Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Know you well enough

Okayy i know the picture is dark, ><

Tuesday, 3.8.2010
I feeling pretty tired and sick now. Sore throat + Flu + slight fever = SICK ): Okayy, this morning woke up and had sore throat already, nevermind that. Wash up and breakfast. Text text too. YESH man, i know him too well, I KNOW THE TRUE ALREADY. Okayy, then went to wait bus, text with him till i reach school. Chit chat with Clique then bell ring. Then bleah bleah bleah. Today the china people come to our school ^^v

Lesson are as usual, boring okay. Art lesson was i whole load of crap okay. So funny one, kept laughing. :$ Hehe, lit was fine. School end, need stay back for some crap thingy. Had lunch with Samantha and Yuuchi. Biyan too, drinking water only -.- Then went for math remedial, was quite fun. Manage to do the worksheet. Only got few question not sure. Then after that wait for Biyan, she this slow poke. Opps, haha joking alright.

Then went to toilet and headed for jurong lake already. When walking there crap like shit sia. Talk about kissing, shyzxc. Haha, so funny nor. I think i like over-reacted. Nevermind. Reach there, put down bags then went for run. Two rounds, didn't run fast, cause my leg will pain. Then when finish running when for rowing. So fun and i love it okayy ^^v Today's training rock. Keke, soon training end. Took mrt alone. Waited for the bus like so damn long one please.

Reach home, shower then dinner and put medi on leg. ZZZ, shall go study now. Byebye.

OHMAN, he can't text me for the next few days already. NOT FAIR, hmph. Will miss him like mad again nor. ZZZ,

Byebye, xox. I love you all too (:

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