Friday, August 06, 2010

With you

Thursday, 5.8.2010
School should be pretty boring as usual. Received texts from Ahtan in the morning, that simply made my day lah. Hmm...Had english lesson, did comprehansion. Then after that got mother tongue, boring one nor. But i got pay attention in class okay, cause teacher going through the work book. ZZZ, then after that got phy lesson, Teacher never come but got work sheet to do, didn't manage to finish it lah. Haha, then when for recess. No appetie again. Unwell. Then Math lesson, math quiz. Pretty easy lah, then after that i went to do my undo homework. Ask teacher teach me cause i don't know how do :$ Music lesson was very slack lah. Hah, chem did experiment. Quite fun ^^v

After school lunch with junior, when to change then training start. But we went to clean the damn wall first. Shall not complain lah, since already pass. Soon training start, group with Jasmine. Haha, did the 8 station thingy again, ran the canal there. ZZZ, damn fun but tiring. I chiong leh, but behind quite tired already then like not feeling well also, Hah, soon training end.

Walk to MRT with junior and Biyan they all. Bus-ed home alone. Shower, dinner and computer. SLEEP, ZZZ ^^

The girl above is my dearest little sister, i love her alot.

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