Friday, August 06, 2010

Your voice is all i can hear.

Friday, 6.8.2010
Today had National Day celebration. Went high singing the Songs with Yianping they all. The performers are all very nice, the guzheng was so nice lah ^^v LOL, hah. Then after that i chiong home to prepare, cause going out later. Meeting at 12?! Like, ohnygosh please. In the end i late, expected lah. Then nothing much lah, usual comments. Muture look. :$ Train to Vivo city, the train damn hot one nor. Then reach there, buy ticket. Watch the 4.35 show. Went for lunch then went walk walk. Then around 4.15 we went to GV, to buy popcorn ^^ Haha, went in and watch THE LAST AIRBENDER. Haha, the show was well... 3.5/5 ?

Hah, after movie we all go crazy about the air, water, earth and fire bending. HAH, so crap nor. Soon i went home first, having headache man. ZZZ, then text ahtan. Cause can't meet up ): Then in bus call him to call only at 7.50 but he call 10 min early. Hmph, then talk talk no. So funny one, once again he made me laugh. He never fail to do so lah ^^v

Then soon we end the call, continue texting for awhile then he went already. Hmph. Soon i reach home, kinda like same timing. Hah, shower, dinner and computer. Hah, this is my forth post already, zai right ^^v

Here's the photos taken today, enjoy.
Byebye, xox

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