Thursday, October 14, 2010

I guess, second best is all i will know

Thursday, 14.10.2010
Wow, exams are finally over. After 1 month of hard work and bullshit. Had being studying and studying like mad girl. I don't used to study so crazily, i mean i don't used to study one month or few weeks before exam. I even go to the library to study so i wouldn't take nap at home or use the computer. But as long as my phone is with me, it's enough.

Anyway, suddenly, i feel the need to do so. I wanna do well for my exams. Get good result and grades. Don't wanna disappoint my parents, i wanna show them that i did my best for my exam and all the hardwork. I even cried on tuesday and wednesday night. I'm so worry for my science paper. Now that it's finally over, i can concentrate on other stuff and let loss alittle. I just need a holiday, really. I need to escape, to think about stuff, relax and have fun. Just nother 2 weeks and it'll be the holidays. AWESOME.

Tomorrow will be marking day, gonna have piano lesson in the afternoon. Which make it hard for me to make plans with my girlfriends. So i'll be rotting at home man. Wow, that makes me really happy. Sigh, gonna spend time with television and computer ^^

Shall go on with my next post.
Baibai (:

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