Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'll be stupid to trust

Saturday, 2.10.2010

Went out with yianping today, bugis. Waited for her is like forever okay, but i'll still wait. Cause i'm her best M&M ^^ Right anot?! Hehe. Went to take neoprint, damn crap one please. Took some time to decide which one should we take. Haha, after that go shop for awhile.

Then go camwhore ^^v Shall upload the picture next time or check it on facebook (:

After that take train to boon lay, crapped inside like mad woman like that. Then gossip gossip, secrets :$ SHHH. Then reached jurong point go search for pencil case. After that bused to taman jurong, for dinner with family. Awesome day out with friend and family, it's always the best (:

Sunday, 10.10.2010

Went out with piglet today, awesome ^^. Woke up pretty early, maybe too excited bah :$ Choose my outfit and pack my stuff. After that go use computer for while, shower and breakfast. Then go prepare and blah blah blah. Waited for the time to pass, went to wait bus. Almost late please, but he late. Stupid idiot, say i'll late, in the end he late. Nevermind, (:

Went to buy the movie ticket first, Detective Dee the mystery of the Phantom Flame. Hall 4, H-03 & 04 ^^ Then after that went for lunch as he's like damn hungry while i'm not. Eat pepper lunch, we both ate salmon pepper rice ^^ But i didn't finish mine, no appetie ): After that still got sometime, went to walk walk. Search for birthday card. LOL, then soon we went in (: Didn't buy popcorn to eat as i'm not really hungry. ): So sad, i wanted to buy one but i scare i can't finish it. ><

Movie start lo, ^^v It was awesome, andy still look so young and got one actor the face damn white, think he put on alot of powder. :$ HEH, inside damn cold please. Thankfully, he's there to keep me warm. We held hands, throughout the movie. :$ We both have sweaty palm. Hehe :) After the movie we went for "suntan" Well that's what he calls it. HAH, he use my phone go facebook! @#$%^&* Tsktsk! Didn't manage to get his password. ):

After that, went to walk circle circle around the shopping mall. Vivo got nothing to shop man, should have go sentosa ): Nevermind, weather very hot i rather stay in air-con ^^Went to daiso to walk walk. Damn crap inside, haha. We go see some weird weird stuff. Hehe, so funny. Soon we went for dinner. I tried to eat damn slow please, firstly no appetie and i wnna stay longer. After dinner he accompany me wait bus, waited quite long :D Soon bus came and it's time to say good bye. He kissed my cheeks :$

Thank you baby(:

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