Friday, October 29, 2010

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Friday, 29.10.2010

Hey people, i'm back to blogging already. Sorry for not updating man, was kinda lazy and spending more time with my phoneee ^^ Okok, enough with that. Shall talk about camp first.

First day of camp
Went to school early for parent meeting with vp, about the promoting thingy.
After that assembly. Blah blah blah. After that went to get into out group.
Talk with our trainer, then he gave as instruction. Can't hear what he say, talk so soft.
Then we set off, amazing race. ARGH. Have to take our bag bag and run leh. Insane please.

The amazing race was so boring and waste of time please. Tsk.
Went to raffles place and Saw a actor ^^ Awesome or what!!! :$
Shirley and me went insane. We took photo with him leh ^^ Jealous anot. Keke
After that we continue our race.
Ate Mac for lunch, Mac chicken .__. After we finish, we play with food. Haha, damn gross lah.
Then soon we finish the race. FINALLY, we're going to our campsite.
Reach there, total shock. The place like what o:

After that went to put our stuff and dinner time ^^
Cooked meggi with Yuuchi, she damn pro lah. If she didn't partner me.
I think i'll be damn cui lah. :$
And tada, our meggi is delicious ^^

Soon we went to bath ^^ Damn scray please, no door leh x.x
Only one piece of cloth. HAH. :$
Slept with Yuuchi and Shirley ^^ Sweet (:

Second day
Had amazing race again. Woke up at 4 something in the morning.
Firm alarm went home, so ridiculous please.
Then prepare and went down for breakfast ^^
Soon we set out ^^
Went to alot of places and had lots of fun too (:
Walk alot man, like alot alot.
Had disagreement ...

Camp fire was rather boring,

Third day
Spring cleaning.
And bused to school
Home sweet home.
Went to Yianping's house for lunch ^^

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