Saturday, October 23, 2010


Monday, 18.10.2010
Hello people, today had interclass handball compeitition. ^^ My team members are, Fadilah, Ina, Yianping, Shirley, Biyan, Yunting and me ^^ First match with 2E1, it was a good game with them. We won 5 to 2, i think. Then after that we rest and waited for our next match. Which is with 2E3, this was a tough match. Yianping injured herself. We all got distracted and couldn't play well. We lost 8 to 1 ): Our last game was with 2T1, was quite a tough match too. As it was really hard to score a goal ): But we won, the score i forgotten ><
Take care leh Yianping and Farha. Get well soon alright ^^

Teamwork is the ability to work as a group towards a
common vision, even if that vision becomes exremely blurry.

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