Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'll always be by your side ♥

Sunday, 21.11.2010

Woke up slightly late today, was super tired. Slept from 12 am too 11am man, so awesome please. Woke up already had to rush shower and packing my stuff. Going out with mama, deliver clothing to her customer and go repair my phoneee. Aww, i miss me phone man! :$ Now currently using my cousin's spare phone. Sony Ericsson, cybershot ^^. mum is going to change my phone. I wanted N8 but if Iphone and my sister current phone. I rather have Iphone BUT if Iphone and N8, i'll take N8 ^^ Okok, after that had selmon for lunch. Yay, so long didn't eat japanese food. I think. LOL ! After that walk walk around, went to see cosmetic again. Next week going to Sephora again ♥ Awesome one lahh.

Hmm..Training tomorrow, like again man. Sigh, everyweek training very tiring one please. The run, the exercises and rowing. Must endure through. I will because i can alright ^^ Tuesday going out with my M&M like finally please. Going to shop shop and shop ♥ And take alot photo ^^ Gonna have fun with my girlfriend man, can't wait. ^^

That's about it already. Shall end my post here.
With love, J's

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