Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday, 25.11.2010
Ni hao, today went out with sirong man. (Y) Meet her at my house bus stop at 11 something. Then after that bus to jurong point. Was laughing and laughin :$ Think i'm insane already, omg. Okok, reach there already went to pepper lunch to eat. She ate chicken pepper rice and i ate salmon pepper rice. Of course ^^
Table number 51. LOL, the person Sirong meeting is sitting just next to us man. Damn crap, then i keep laughing because Sirong told me something. LOL, then i got shocked when the person serve Sirong's meal. OMG :$ Suddenly somebody speaking behind me :O Then after that eat eat eat. Sirong eat very slow lo, old woman lahh. Jokejoke ^^Okok after that went to the ladies. Camwhore oh ^^ Heehee, i wanna get a new camera man. Hmm..but don't know what brand to take. Shall go take a look sometime.
Hmm...after that go meet the girl at golden village. Aww, i wanna watch Harry Potter >< Sirong collected the rose ring already, took out and see. AND one of the petals drop out !! OMG PLEASE. Haha :D . After that we train down to Clarke Quay to buy sticky!! Heehee, after that go take photo. Like so crap, look like tourist ! Heehee :$
Soon we train back to jurong east, got one group of people so noisy. Reach there, pouring -.- Gosh, i didn;t bring umbrella, lucky i wearing hoodie ^^ Hoho, so i'm alittle drench only. Anyway i had a awesome and brilliant day ^^

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