Tuesday, December 21, 2010

At night when the stars light up my room, i sit by myself.

Tuesday, 21.12.2010
Morning peeps, i woke up at 7 today again >< . Damnit please. Almost everyday i will wake up at 7 something. Every night i'll have difficulty falling asleep. So i'll end up sleeping only after 12 and i'll keep waking up in between D: . Like insomnia man, tsk.
Hoho, one more night and it'll be the chalet already man. Gonna sleep damn early tonight which means i must NOT take afternoon nap. If not, tonight i don't need to sleep already. And i'll be damn tired the next morning like how tired and sleepy i feel now D: .

Anyway, i'll be going out shopping with Sirong later in the afternoon to jurong point again. Not gonna travel far as i'm lazy man. Tsk, just gonna shop there. ^^ I wanna buy the everlast tank top :$ ! Hurhur D:, anybody can buy me that for chirstmas.. Guess not. Tsk, insert many sad face * .
Ohman, i can't spend much today if not i wouldn't have enough money to spend during the chalet and the last week of december. Arghhhhhhhh. So pathetic. Hmm...i have nothing much to talk about already >< . So i shall end my post...


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