Monday, December 20, 2010

I love my boy ♥

Monday, 20122010
Hello peeps, spend my day at home doing...NOTHING. -___- Actually planned to go out to watch Harry potter but plans ruined D: . Sigh, shall wait for the dvd to come out man. Tomorrow going shopping with Sirong, awesome man ! Gonna go buy presents, spend spend and spend. Oh man. I just wanna shop, since i had savings already (: . So what i left now can all be spent ! Yay-ness ^^ . Hoho, i only left with english power point, ss worksheet and headstart worksheet for holidays homework. I just finish my chinese compo, so proud please :$ . Heehee' although not very nicely write out but i did complete it ok! My hard work >< ! Hmm..shall do the rest next week or tomorrow night. Sigh, holidays are coming to an end already man D: . Soso fast but i enjoyed pretty much ! \m/
HOHO, chalet is just 2days away, awesome or what please. Almost done with packing. In the end, i used my puma bag >< . Can't believe it please but i don't have to worry not enough space. Cause that bag is just so big unlike my school bag look big but actually is quite small man. LOL. Awwwww, gonna have fun during the chalet. Heehee ♥

Shall end here, will post on wednesday morning !
Bye peeps ! ♥ XOXO

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