Thursday, December 16, 2010

Talking to the moon.

Thrusday, 16.12.2010
Morning peeps, holidays are coming to an end soon and i stil haven't finish my bloody homeworks. I left the damnned chinese compo, sucky english power point and boring inference homework D: . Arghhhh, i actually planned to do my compo today but after reading the topic, i don't wanna do already -_________- Serously, see all the chinese character i so zzz D: . English powerpoint, i don't like to do power point and i'm lazy to do it too. More over, i bet alot people never do homework laaa. So i don't think i'll do unless teacher gonna collect. Yay, that's my plan (Y)
Hoho, tomorrow will be last training already. Yesterday was soso awesome, had fun with Pk, Qilong, Nat, Jingfang, Irene and Jasmine.S at Mac :D . Heehee, best lunch (Y) . Reached home so damn tired. Fall asleep while texting with B, ops. :$ Then woke up, dinner with pa & ma. (: Reach home, computer : FB, Tumblr, Youtube, Twitter & Msn. (:
Talk on phone with B too, then sleep :) .

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