Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Monday, 14 March 2011
Went to Health Promotion Board to do a backbone check up. Was so worried, scare can't continue Dragon Boat or it was really serious. In the end, nothing serious, gonna go back for another check up on September. Gotta do more sit ups and go swimming more . After that head down to town. Went to Orchard, Hareen to have lunch. Jack Place ! (Y) . After that went to shop around. Went to four skin, saw a very nice cap ! But didn't big, the front fit nicely but the back no, i've got a small head :$ ! After that went to Taka, walk walk and suddenly, my sandals spoile -.-. I was like wth .__. ! Then went to Cotton On to get a pair of slippers ! Cui . Soon we went back already lah.

Photos !

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