Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You say hello, I say goodbye

Sunday, 13 march 2011
Went to IT show with Sirong. Woke up rather early on that day, had breakfast and decided to use the computer but mama need to use the mouse so i can't use. So i rot at home till around 10 plus. Then use the computer awhile and went to show and go down to get lunch. After that went to prepare, doll up, get dress (Tube, skinny and high heel with black bag.) and pack my stuff.

Soon went down to wait for her at the bus stop. Weather was rather hot. Sirong
wore a black dress and flats. Like a chio only :$ ! Then waited for bus, chit chat abit. Like so long didn't go out together already. Luckily same math claas if not i'll miss her alot >< . Soon reach jurong east, like alot people like that -__- . No seats in train, stand throughout the journy there . Tsk. Alot people at the IT show please. So crowded only, but Sirong lead me through the damn crowd. Hahaha, like mother and daughter :$ ! Cute. I wanna get so many camera man ! There's Nikon, Sony, Canon, Olympus and ect. OMG ! Gonna same money and study hard to get the scholarship ! My motivation ! (Y) Sirong bought her headphone that cost forty-three bucks ! Gonna pay half as her present :$ ! After that we got out of the damn place. Walk around for abit and head to Marina Square. Decide to sit down to eat, from KFC to LJS to MAC then to SECRET RECIPE! Stupid guy, snatch my seat at LJS, i so good please, let them have the seat. Anyway, i had Apple Crumble Chess Cake ! :D Awesome much. After that we walk to Esplanade, saw a band playing there. Was awesome much. The drummer damn cute and handsome please :$ ! Sirong in love with him ! Ops. HAHAH. After that went to the bridge to seat down and suntan. Took photos there and here they are.

After that we went back already. Walk all the way back to city hall mrt ! My heels were kinlling me please. Cuts and blister -.- ! After that went to granny's place to have dinner.

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