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0. LIFTING WEIGHTS DOES NOT BUILD BODYBUILDER MUSCLES IF YOU ARE FEMALE. it just makes you smaller and tighter, if you lose the fat. it also speeds up weight loss EXTREMELY. you dont have enough testosterone to build bodybuilder muscles.
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1. Walking a mile burns the same amount of calories as running a mile. You probably think I’m crazy saying this but think it through. Obviously walking for 10 mins burns less calories than running for 10 mins, but walking a mile takes far longer. Say you can run a mile in 15 mins and burn 100 calories doing so (100lb person); Walking that same mile might take you half an hour, with a calorific burning rate of 200 calories an hour, i.e. the same 100 calories in 30 mins. Make sense? (Obviosuly, if you are running you may wave your arms about a bit more, therefore burning a few more calories but nothing significant.)

2. Walking burns more fat than running. In terms of strenuousness, strength training (weights) are hardest, followed by cardio, and then lastly everyday routine such as breathing, walking, talking. Everyone knows that if you only do strength training, you will get muscley but not necessarily burn much fat. Everyone also knows that if you only do cardio, you will only burn fat, and not gain much muscle. So why not apply this to the least strenuous exercise? The reason this happens is because weight training is harder to sustain than cardio, and cardio is harder to sustain than walking (i.e. if you can do 5 minutes of non-stop weight lifting you might be able to do 15 minutes of non stop running, and 1 hour of non stop walking). The easier exercises to sustain burn more fat per calorie. That is, if you burn 100 calories strength training, only 10 or so of those calories burnt will be of fat; Of 100 calories burnt through cardio, 50 of them will be fat; Finally, of 100 calories burnt through walking, a massive 80-90 percent of them will be fat.

3. Doing the same exercise every day will lose its effectiveness over time. You know when you buy a new shampoo and conditioner, your hair feels and looks beautiful after, but over time the amazing effects it once had begin to disappear? Well it’s the same with exercise! Many people think “oh it’s great, I burn 300 calories on my daily run, I’m fine.” WRONG. Of course, it’s not bad at all! Rather, there are more effective ways to improve your cardiovascular health. Maybe instead of doing one same run every morning, do one run on day 1, then two runs on day 2, then none on day three, then repeat. You’re still getting your three runs over three days, but you are staggering it, keeping your metabolism high and therefore the calories burnt high and constant!

4. Muscle does not turn into fat, nor does fat ever turn into muscle. Building muscle and losing fat are 2 completely different processes, and whilst it CAN be done simultaneously, it is very rare. In layman’s terms: Strength training builds muscle, Cardio burns fat.

5. Situps won’t make your tummy flat. This one is very true and very easy to explain: Situps are a strength workout, and therefore build and tone muscle. If the muscle is underneath a layer of fat, then toning these muscles will make no difference to the overall look of your body. On the other hand, doing so many situps that your abs grow larger will actually increase the size of your tummy, and with no definition around your stomach due to the layer of fat, it will just look like you have excess flab. Sorry. The easiest thing to do to combat this is CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO then when the fat’s gone, strength training.

6. You cannot target fat loss!!! I thought everyone knew this but you’ll be surprised at the amount of messages I get asking how to lose fat from the arms, or lose fat from inner thighs. What I have to say to you is this: Fat is connected all over your body, and there is no possible way for you to target your fat loss. Doing cardio will burn fat all over your body, starting with the last place it accumulated. If you want to shrink your tummy and legs but not your arms, say, then do cardio to shrink the tummy and legs, and then do strength on the arms to replace the lost arm fat with new arm muscle.


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