Saturday, April 09, 2011

when something has to happen it will happen, it may take a little time, but is it worth the wait

Had sports day on friday, woke up slightly later than usual, wear my class tee (19) and fbt and tied two scorpion plaits ! After that had chew siew bao for breakfast, got fats and i took it out, of course ! Head down to clementi stadium but reach too early so went to clementi mrt to meet friends ! Weather was freaking hot. After that quickly walk back to stadium, almost late :p . Soon the events started. Was quite boring there.

After sports day, head down to Jurong Point with Alexie & Yuuchi for pepper lunch ! Damn crap, i didn't want the drinks in the meal so i call for plain water and i had to pay for it ! Cui . Anyway, i enjoyed my meal ! Then after that head down to Yuuchi house to watch Confession. Ohmy, this movie so bloody ! I feel sad for the boy though D: . And Yuuchi's mother baked some cookies, was delicious ! And Yuuchi's little brother is handsome (w/o glasses ) . And the poker cards thingy . I think it's true and it's scaring the hell out of me.

I don't really like the weekends. And i somehow hate fridays. D: .

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