Saturday, April 02, 2011

Words fall through me and always fool me

Saturday, 2.4.2011 Ohai to my dear readers. I'm so sorry for not posting for such a long period of time. D: I know my blog is pretty boring. Alright, anyway i'm here to give you a quick update on what's happening. Was pretty busy with school works, as there's alot of test. And homework to be done. And we had to prepare for oral, i guess o.o ? Other then school work, there's dragon boat, piano and the up coming sports day. To make things worst, i can't run or jump D: ! No idea what happen to my leg also, shall go see a doctor SOON. Please, i think that's what my leg need badly now. And i long to run again ! I miss doing cardio training at home ! Didn't have piano for two weeks, D: . And from what i heard from B, i get into finals for 200m. Happy much.
Okay, shall talk about my test result. I actually fail history badly. 12/25, all thanks to my Source Base Question. Damnned. And i fail my POA test too D: . Lastly, i past my math term test 26/30, distinction ! ^^ . Highest for math term test is 29/30. WOW !

Hmm...last night went out with clique to vivo to watch World Of Invasion. The movie was not bad, rating 3.5/5 . Too much talking ! There should be more action ya ! And some parts really gross ! Ewee ! Then after that went to Secret Recipe for dinner. Man, the service there sucks. And the food also not very nice. D: Tsktsk, waste.

So far, i'm trying to eat lesser meat then usual. Consuming more of veg and fish . Really miss drinking can/packet drinks and eating tibits & sweets.

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