Monday, May 16, 2011

A day like that

Monday, 16052011

Went out with Yuuchi to accompany her shop ^^ . Meet her at Jurong east MRT at 11:30, for the first time i was late man >< . Made her wait >< . Anyway, doesn't matter, because she was....ahem. After that train to Orchard, the ride was like so long lah. Anyway, today's outfit, tee, tucked-in, with white shorts with small sling bag & heels (: . Soon we reached, went to Isetan Scotts to get her heels, which was effing expensive alright. After that went to pepper lunch ^^ .

Went to Ion Orchard after that to shop for bags. Went to a number of shops, saw so many clothings that i waana buy butttttttttttttt i don't have money already >< . Suay max . Walked to Taka and to 313 somerset, went to Forever 21. Saw something epic at there ! HAHAH, inside joke :D . And saw a handsome guy :$ , awwwww . After that went back to Ion to get her bag (: .

Yuuchi bought me Yumi Yugurt, then after that settle down . Took a few photos oh ^^ . After that walk to MRT, otw there saw a group of Japanese boys, they saw me and Yuuchi and said " Sugoi ne " while pointing. After that he quickly change his pointing direction ! ^^ So cute like that. Then his friends all laugh, keke . Train was crowded max ! Couldn't stand properly man ! Lucky the train ride was fasttttttttttt !

Alright shalll end here already ^^ .

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