Thursday, May 19, 2011


Yesterday, 18052011.
Firstly, Happy 17th Birthday to Eric Wesley, now that you're seventeen please grow up alright ! Don't always bully me and please take good care of your girlfriend . And if you're wondering where's your present, it'll be her and all the prepaparation for your little birthday surprise :D .

Yesterday, after school, went to Yuuchi house first before heading to 399 to get a cake. After that went to Alex house to do the preparations, waiting for Shirley and her boy to arrive before calling Eric to come over. Everything was nicely plan, Yuuchi had to hide as Eric was not aware that she's there. Then soon, Yuuchi brought in the cake and we sang happy birthday to him . And we all started to spray him with the thingy ? o.o

After that clean up the room and then started having the cake ! Was delicious alright ^^, yum yum ! After that play monoploy deal, which was effing boring >< . After that bus-ed home.

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