Sunday, June 26, 2011

店小二 ♥

Sunday, 26 June 2010

Went to West coast plaza with family and grandparents, to have lunch at Dian Xiao Er. Specially went there to have meal is to celebrate late Father's Day . We ordered about 5 dishes, Veg, pork rib, prawn, frog leg and fish. While waiting for them to order the dishes, i took a few photos, my Casio Exilim EX-Z33 isn't working well like always. Don't like the focus, always cannot ): . So had a hard time taking photos.

Okay, the barley water not nice one, not much taste . And the lime water also not nice one. So if you happen to go there to have your meal, don't order barley and lime water. Plain water the best, healthy choice xD .

The white rice is tasty, and the amount is just nice.

PORK RIB, not one of my favorite kinda dish, firstly very difficult to eat it and it look kinda boney. Thankfully, my mama manage to cut some of the meat and let me try. It's really really tasty, the sauce is sweet and abit spicy . It's really great, it's a must try if you're a " pork rib lover " :$ .

My favourite dish of the meal. There's Broccoli, sweet bean(?), celery, carrot, baby corn, mushroom prawn and chestnut . The paste of this dish taste really nice. Sweetness ^^ .

Fried prawn with mayonnaise, this is a MUST try food alrighty ^^ ! I know mayonnaise can be fattening BUT really really must eat this one. Cause it's damn freaking awesome delicious ! I ate like four of it ^^ !

Frog leg, also know as "Tian Ji Jiao " . Not my liking so i didn't eat this dish . But i got try the paste, and the fragrance it's really great, it taste nice too ^^ . So i guess the dish should be nice also (: . Anyway, if you like to eat frog leg, this should be the dish for you to try (: .

Sliced fish with mushroom with some chinese herbal soup. I think. This dish not very special lah, but it's nice anyway . The sliced fish very tasty and nice to chew.


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