Sunday, June 26, 2011

Too much sun ♥

My face it's it's it's....... P E E L I N G ! Due to long hours under the hot sun during my dragon boat training. The weather is freaking hot this few days, dont you agreed?! So we have to take extra good care of our skin, especially our face !

Today, when i put on my foundation powder, i can see the peeling so clearly, and i was like " WTF " , why my face peel till so badly. Glad that i manage to cover my forehand with my bangs, however, that's the only part i can cover. But, whatever lah, it's not very obvious, i guess. So i just went out like that .

When i got home, i decided to clean away all the make up on my face and went to look for Nivea body Caring lotion . Okay, i know it clearly written BODY . But whatever, it can be apply on your face okay >___< .
Bought this lotion like years ago already, so the bottle is kinda yellowish BUT the lotion is NOT . Was really glad to found this at my parent's room as i saw my pa using it . I should have used it like long ago, my parents had been calling me to apply this every night but i'm L A Z Y ^^ . But today i decided to start taking good care of my skin, F A C E ! Important max .

See the lotion is actually really really white ! Okay, maybe it's because of the light too but it's still white . Okay, i actually took this photo twice before getting a good shot. The first try, the lotion spilted, think my hand too smooth alr and i think i put too much amount on my small hand, that's why. So the second shot, i took lesser and quickly get the shot ! And i succeed!

After that apply it on my baby face ^^ . Applying it in circular motion, the feeling like a cooling :$ . I like ^^ . Applying it on my checks, forehead and then my nose. Omg man, my nose peel till so obvious and painful !!!!

And obviously when i apply the lotion, it'll be slightly painful too but i have to bare it . So i apply it by poking my nose . LOL, okay i don't know how to describe it :$ . After that, i re-apply the lotion on my face using my palm . C O O L I N G ♥

Feel so good after applying th lotion, my skin like become more smooth and fair like that . LOL ! Hope tonight i'll apply it before i go school ! So i can have nice and smooth skin before i go school ♥ !

After that, i decided to apply Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel on my arms and leg . So i went to my wardcobe to get it. AND.....the bottle is almost empty already !!! Look how sad i am ): . Drawing broken hearts

Seriously don't know what i should do. And then....i remember i still have one more bottle at hime but i have no idea where it is. So i went to look for it ! It didn't take me long to find it inside one of my bag ^^ ! I was so so happy to find it !

LOOK HOW FULL IT IS ! Compare it with the one on top . This gel totally rock, had been using it since i started going for swimming lesson as my coach told me to buy this gel to take care of my skin . Somehow, my sister don;t like this gel, infact she hate the feeling when its on her skin ! Epic ! But for me, i love it ♥ ! It's damn cooling and the there's a smell that's NOT smelly at all ^^ .

Squezzed a small amount on to your plam, then apply it on your arms or leg . Apply till there's no gel feeling on your skin . After applying, your skin will feel extremely great ^^ ! The gel gives cooling and smoothing after sun relief you need for your skin .

♥ B A N A N A B O A T ♥

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