Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 1 & 2

Sorry but i'm lazy, so i'm not gonna upload any photos for this post .

Day 1, went to Tanjon Pagar train station with Yuuchi. Reached there pretty much early but got people reach earlier than us. Was my first time there, so walk around as there's plenty of time. Then went to take photos too. After that went back to settle down as the teachers had arrive already. Was told to fill up the white cards. Really hate to fill that up, because i suck at it. Always will write wrong.

After that went to buy dinner for later on and some tibits . Bought nasi lemak, shared it with Yuuchi as i wouldn't be eating much. After that board the train at 1730, around there lah. Got the same bunk as Yuuchi ^^ ! Anyway if not same can change also lah ^^ . Decided to place our luggage at the botton bunk and we will both sleep together on the top :$ . Then settle dinner, wasn't really nice but just eat lah. Later gastric pain >.< . Then after dinner decided to sleep awhile cause very very restless and tired.

Didn't sleep because it was really noisy as everybody like kinda excited? .__. LOL ! So me and Yuuchi only manage to lie down for like an hour and decided to eat something again lah. Cause dinner not very nice and didn't eat full full . So the only food source that we can rely on is.....T.I.B.I.T.S ! Of course ^^ . After that talk talk abit with the guys (: . Then at around 11, went to sleep. Really cannot tahan already. Manage to sleep for 8 hours in total ^^ ! I think me and Yuuchi slept the longers, like pig >< . CUTE :$ .

Day 2.
Reached Kelantan at 0800 . Went to MAC for breakfast. After that went to visit some museum, then went to local restruant for lunch. To be honest the food wasn't really nice.. So didn't eat much too. After that went to shop abit. Bought alot of bracelet ^^ ! Then after that went to visit museum again ~~~~~~~~~~~ . Then at around 2 plus, bus-ed back to hotel to check in !!!! The moment everybody had been waiting for ! And the wifi too !

After that check in hotel room, it was okay ^^ . Quite nice (: . At around 7 plus went for dinner at a shopping mall, PIZZA HUT !!! Yummy alright ! After that had some time to shop ^^ ! Bought tee for sister and myself (: . Went back hotel and call it a day already. LOL ! Our door keep on got people knock only ! And people spam call :$ ! How can?! xD

Shall end here alr ! Click on older post to read on the 4th and 5th day post at Kelantan !!

BYE, xoxo .

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