Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 3

Day 3, i sort of love the hotel ^^ ! Because there's wifi, the hotel bed quite nice to sleep on and the food there really nice ! Heehee, woke up early to shower first then waited for Yuuchi. After that the boys came to see if we're awake already and we went for breakfast together . Brealfast was really great ! The omelette was damn freaking awesome nice ! I love it, and the toast bread with kaya and better ^^ ! Only one thing suck, the drinks ! Like seriously man .

After breakfast went back hotel to get our bags before heading down to the lobby to gather. Set off to the beach first. It was so beautiful there, fresh air and the coolness . I love it here. We went there awhile then went off already ): . Went to see how cloth is make. Was amazed by te traditional way of making the cloth. Really takes patient man, tsk ~ .

After that had lunch, nasi brani ^^ ! It taste different compare to the ones at SG. It's spicy !! OMG, but was pretty okay overall (: . After that went to watch some performents.

Went back hotel to refresh and went for dinner at a local Thai restruant, nothing special though, like chinese food like that but it's delicious !! Yummy ~ . After dinner when back to the dk what place to watch traditional puppet show. We waited for like 1hour plus. Don't understand the puppet show anyway. So didn't bother much >< .

Went back hotel, shower and called for room service. Was kinda epic fail cause we called so many times but none of it was answered ! OMG, so in the end we when down to order. At around 1am plus the food arrive ! Was nice ! Heehee, was about to sleep at 2am but somebody came to knock on our door. Somebody missing, so, we ended up looking for that person and at 3am then found her. Then we call it the day alr.

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