Saturday, July 09, 2011

Bubble pop

Friday, woke up pretty early in the morning as i wanna go school early to do self studying before school start, so i went down at 0626. And sad to say, i missed the early bus and have to wait for 11mins for the next one. Waited over there like one retard. Next time shall just sleep later and take the late bus. Learned my lesson already ~ . Well, at least i can sleep slightly longer.

Reached school, lighten my bag by putting some of the books under my table ^^ ! After that went to look for girlfriends. Around 0720, flaf rising. Then slient reading. Damn epic cause they'll play classical music for the next 10mins or so. The music nice but hor not all people will like it . I mean, it's classical piano pieces. First period was PE lesson, was rather boring cause there isn't any badminton racket. So we ended up chit chatting at the staircase there. Talk so much that we didn't notice that the lesson had ended and everybody gather already. :x

After that, POA lesson, was rather attentive in lesson compare to last semester. Actaully her lesson not bad, just that i don't really like her. X.X Recess, really hate it. Cause i'll be eating and sometimes my tummy just wanna have a meal with rice instead of bread with kaya. LOL ! So ended up eating the malay store. Only finish half of the rice though. And then ate one of the bread that i brought. (:

Continued with POA lesson, after that went for math lesson. As usual, it went by really fast as the lesson was intersting. Quite long didn't attend math class like that. And now i'm back to seat with Kaijun. And of course, Sirong is right behind me (: ! Guess, i still love math alot (Y) .

After math lesson is CEP, gotta see that form teacher of my class D: . Just the thought of her also very bored. >.> As usual, gonna take my ear stun out before she start nagging the same sentence over and over again . Don't she get tired of calling me to take the stun out? Just wondering~ .Anyway, that time my ea stick(S) got caught ): . Me and alexie's second ear hole got caught together, so epic one. Cause we both sitting at the front during morning assembly . HAHA.

School ended at 1230, friday was just so damn freaking awesome ! Rushed home,had a bathe and packed my swimming stuff. Off to Jurong East Swimming complex, good weather man, the sun so hot ^^ ! I like it . While walking in i kinda panic cause i don't know if i have enough money anot. Heehee, thank goodness, i bought 5bucks to school and only used $1 and that the machine can use notes instead of coins only. Went to the ladies and changed to my swim wear, very little people (Y) . So took two shots. One before i change and one after which is me in my swim wear lah :$ . When i was gonna apply my sunblock, i realised i didn't bring my goggles and i was like :O !!! Anyway, since i'm there already, just SWIM W/O GOGGLES THEN ! So i quickly apply the sun lotion and then go swim swim ! At first i didn't dare to open my eye in the water lah, so i tried swimming by closing my eye. But, it didn't work ): . Then i tried swimming w/o my head under water, that was even worst.. So i got out of my comfort zone and tried opening my eye in the water. It's not that bad, really ^^ .

And i fine it rather cool ! But if you swim too long, your eye will pain pain and will have the red line thingy. So i guess it's bad for the eye. Unless you have no other choice, please use a goggles :D . So do remember to bring goggles whenever you go for a swim, don't be like me. After that shower and clean up abit then went to the hawker to get pancakes....but then, it's close. So devarstating ): . So trained to Jurong Point to get...YA KUN KAYA TOAST WITH BUTTER ! (Y) My favourite ! Like seriously, i don't mind eating that for all 3 meals. Breadn bread bread kaya kaya kaya butter butter butter ! Then took bus home. Went back home have a short nap. Woke up to watch music bank.

After that when to granny's to have dinner ! Fried bee hoon, damn freaking nice and tasty ! With the curry somemore, okay, i only ate abit of curry cause on diet . After eating played with niece, took photo of her, damn funny one. She anyhow pose also cute :$ . But she very very naughty D: . Always bully me and she's only 2 years old. I think >< . HAHAHA. After that went back home to blog already. But before that i have to upload the photos and think of what to post. So, you readers must appreciate my hardwork :$ . And saying about hardwork, the damn video really pisses me off . Took like 1 hour plus two upload two video. So i end up sleeping only at 1plus going to 2 like that. So so poor thing. So i really hope that the number of viewers will increase ! You know i love you. So i'll do my part by updating and you do your part by visiting okay ^^ ! Yay (Y) .

Saturday, woke up at 0800, don't know why the hell i woke up so early for. Moreover, i slept only at 2am . Anyway, after i finish my wash up i went down to look for Pa Ma for breakfast. Eat prawn noodle but i didn't finish the noodle, cause i'm leaving some space in my tummy for butterfly ^^ ! If you know what i mean then good for you of course, as it is so damn nice and delicious ! And if you don't know what is it and think that it is the insect that i'm talking, well...then so be it. HAHA ! After that went back home to settle the video again and i created a page for my blog, Lasthesitation. CLICK ON LIKE ALRIGHTY !

At 1030 i went down for a jog around my house blk. Ran the same round about 9 times, a 20min slow jog. After that went back home, shower and prepare then went to IMM for lunch with family. Had bugar king for lunch, now the less wanted things i wanna eat is fast food. REALLY.. ))); And fried oily food ! Anyway, after that lunch walk walk around then went back home to rest abit before heading out at 1430 to clementi mall to shop .

After shopping went to cousin's house awhile, so glad that we went up cause there's durian puffs to eat !!! It's not any original durian puff. This one is from GOODWOODPARK HOTEL, 1 box of 20 cost about $3o+ . And the durian paste is really really alot ! See the photo yourself ^^ ! Heehee, it's damn freaking nice :D ! Shall buy it some other time ^^ !

After that went back to thee mall to buy bread, breadtalk 10th aniversary, 10bread for $10 ! No wonder so many people. HAHA ! So bought $10 of bread back home. Then after that i bought yumi yogurt to eat ^^ ! Then went back home to have nap nap (: . Woke up at 1800 to bathe and then go have dinner at Taman jurong. As usual, we ate the same thing (: .

X O X O !

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